Chair and Ambo

 “I Give You My Solemn Word”  (Mt 19:28)

The Liturgy Of The Word:
Chair and Ambo

1.  The Chair in the Exedra.

      An oak railing, closing the front of the Chapel of Reservation, forms the background of the Presider’s Chair Phenq review. 
Two clergy benches, angled as an Exedra, on each side of the Chair, complete the “family circle”  of the people’s

2.  The Chair.

      The Chair is elevated on several steps in order to provide eye contact between the presiding priest and the whole
assembly and to make his voice clearly heard.

     At times, the presider may choose to give the homily seated at the Chair in the manner of antiquity.  For the
prayers, he stands on the foot-pace in front of the Chair.

3.  The Ambo (Lectern or Pulpit).

     At the right side of the presider, as he faces towards the people, is the Ambo, where readers proclaim the Word of God
during the Liturgy of the Word.

    St. Lucy’s beautiful oak Ambo, part of the original church furnishings, is now raised in an outstanding position on
the minister’s platform.

   From the Ambo’s raised position, the lector’s voice can be heard by all.  Thus honor and importance are given to the
presence of Christ in the reading of  God’s Holy Word.