In The Presence Of God

“In The Presence of My Savior and My God”

    (Psalm 42)


1.  A Time for Silence.

      As I make my way into St. Lucy’s building, I seek a moment of silence, to lay aside problems, worries, sorrows, joys
— to place them all into the  hands of our Savior, to enter into God’s holy presence.  This is not the time for chatter,
but rather the time to respect other people as they come  together for the Liturgy and prepare themselves privately
by opening their hearts in silent prayer.

2.  A Time for Speaking.

       But after the Eucharist, as we are blessed and sent out, we have all become one in the one sacrifice of the body and
blood of Christ.  We  experience our oneness — brothers and sisters who have taken part in the same sacred banquet.

       Now is no longer the time to renew the vows of our baptism.  Now is no longer the time for private prayer.  Now is the
time to “eucharist”, that is to “give thanks” , to rejoice together as a large family and to share the Word of God with

      Now we are sent out singing into God’s joyous sunshine, sent out to carry his good news to the world.  “No longer slaves”,
but “risen in Christ” —  apostles and messengers of his Word of life.