“The Lord Shall Be Your Light Forever” 
                                                             (Is 60:20)




1.  Natural Light by Day.
From the skylights above, ample natural illumination descends to fill the church,  inviting us to open our eyes to 
       the radiances  of the Lord’s teaching. “Come let us walk in the light of the Lord” (Is 2:5).


      Natural daylight is focused upon the center of the building so that we may learn to see each other’s faces glowing
      “in the light of  Christ”.     The brilliant symbo, diffused at the heart of the building, recalls the words of Jesus,
      “I am the light of the world. No follower of mine shall walk in darkness; but shall possess the light of (divine)
        life” (Jn 8:12).

2.  Lighting by Night.

    St. Lucy’s church enjoys a simple, effective, low wattage lighting system. A gentle cloud of lights “floats”
      overhead, suggesting a choir of angel spirits singing with us, “Hosannah in the highest!”

      Only 12-ft from the floor, clear bulbs in Holophane shades, are both efficient and practical to relamp.

       For a small group, it is possible to turn on only the canopy of twelve lights above the altar, thus leaving the outer
       margins of the  building in semi-shadow. Additional lighting can be provided, as needed, surrounding the central
       fixture, so that the church is not overlighted on these occasions when a move intimate family event is celebrated at