The Altar Area


 “You Will Eat And Drink At My Table”

                                              (Lk 22:30) 

The Liturgy Of the Eucharist:  The Altar

1.  The Center of the Sanctuary. 

The center for the Liturgy of the Eucharist is located close to the middle of the building.  In the luminous open space
under the skylights, an octagonal platform marks the “heart” of the church and forms a Sanctuary without walls
that invites all to come forward, in order to receive Holy Communion near “the Table of the Lord”.

The two step hardwood platform is spacious enough to permit the priest walking all around it in order to incense the
sacrifice.  Yet, it is a base dedicated exclusively to the service of the Altar.

2.  The Altar.

Built by Galdino Moniz, St. Lucy’s oak Altar is square, so that it may be seen equally from all sides.  The woodwork on
the four vertical faces recalls the shape of the building’s gable ends, while the oak grain moving from the angled
roofline suggests our prayers rising up to heaven “as the incense of the evening sacrifice”.

3.  The Canopy of Lights.

A square crown with twelve lights, suspended above the Altar, completes a three dimensional space, a volume marked
by invisible walls and dedicated to the celebration of the Eucharistic Liturgy.