The Choir Area

 Sing Praise To The Lord
For He Has Done Great Things
                                     (Is 12:5)

The Choir


 1.  The Choir

Raised one step and surrounded with a chancel or railing, the Choir is located in the northwest area of the church.  Here the members of the music ministry are able to plan the timing of the songs, thanks to a clear view of the liturgical action, whether in the center or at the church entrance.

The Choir is essentially part of the assembly of the people but with a special ministry.  Trained choir singers lead the congregation by setting a pitch, tone and tempo for all the people’s responses, chants, or processional hymns.  Both the angled wall behind the Choir and the sloped wood ceiling above contribute to reflect and diffuse the choristers’ voices towards the middle of the assembly.

The spacious Choir area is available for groups of choral singers, varying from two or three up to thirty, as well as a small group of instrumentalists.

2.  The Organ.

An organ well is provided against the west wall of the Choir.  From the organ bench, the organist has a good line of sight towards the main Entrance and the other centers of liturgical action.

Two limited organ chambers are available on the second floor, on each side of the Reredos.  Oak screens, with sound transparent speaker cloth, open both organ chambers towards the assembly space of the church.

3.  Choir Storage Room.

Behind the Choir, a small room houses the sound system and is used as storage for the Music Ministry.