The Entrance

“Christ The Doorway”  (Jn 10:7)

The Entrance To The Church

1.  Where is the Entrance to St. Lucy’s Church? 

Perhaps you wonder, “Why is the entrance away from the street?”  Two very practical reasons are:

— to protect the church from heavy traffic noises on West Main Road.

— to provide access from the parking lot directly to the main door.

The architects, David Presbrey and Luis Torrado, also had symbolic reasons:

for the door to face the east: Every morning, as the sun rises in the east, we are reminded of Christ risen from the dead. He is “the light of the world”, our “sun of justice”.

for the priest at the altar to face the rising sun: In ancient times, surrounded by the people, the priest stood at the altar and faced the rising sun.  This is still the orientation at St. Peter’s in Rome.

Today, at St. Lucy’s, we seek to be in touch with our roots.  Once again, standing at the altar, our celebrant faces east.  He gathers up all our prayers and offers them to the Lord.  The priest’s face and our offerings are bathed in the morning light.

Even at an evening celebration, we may remember the rising sun and our hearts rejoice at our “newness of life” in Christ.

2.      The Door.

Jesus said, “I am the door (to the kingdom of heaven).  Whoever enters through me will be safe”.  That is why St. Lucy’s has but a single main entrance.  Other doors are only safety exits.  The main entrance is a great sacramental of Christ.  When we enter through Christ we enter heaven.