The Font of Baptism

“Baptized Into Christ ”   (Gal 3:27)

    The Font of Living Waters

1.  The Font of Baptism

Cross the threshold into the church,  we are greeted by the Font or Fountain of Living Waters.  Here we may bless ourselves with the water of the Font and renew the promises made at our baptism.

2.  The Promises of Baptism

Perhaps we were baptized long ago and cannot remember the sacred event.  Perhaps we were baptized only last week.  Is it time to renew our promises so soon?  Yes, it is.

Baptism is real.  Whether I am aware of it or not,  it has changed my life.  I am marked with a permanent Christ character.  That is why I cannot be baptized over again.  But I need to apply my once-in-a-lifetime baptism anew to every new day of my life.

Renewing our Baptism

Before entering the body of the church, then, I freely renew the baptismal pledge in which I was once adopted into the people of God.  I renew my promise by blessing myself with the water of the Font, in the name of God.  Father, Son and Holy Spirit.