The People’s Seating


               “A Large Crowd Gathered Around Jesus”  (Mk 5:21)

The People’s Seating

1.  The Family Circle

St. Lucy’s assemble is arranged in a generally circular pattern.  At the head, in the Exedra, is the presider’s Chair
surrounded by the concelebrants’ Benches.

Around the other three sides, the people are seated in concentric rows of pews, all facing towards the action in our
midst.  Thus, we may all see each other as brothers and sisters, assembled in Christ’s presence.  Thus, we may
learn to view one another with patience, in the loving forgiveness by which He has redeemed us. 
“If we love one another God dwells in us”.  (1 Jn 4:12)

2.  The Aisles

St. Lucy’s floor is slightly sloped towards the center in order to give the congregation a better view of the liturgical
action.  Seven main Aisles radiate from the middle.  Together with the surrounding Aisle, they provide ample
space for the people to move respectfully in procession, without crowding.

3.  Pews, Chairs, and Wall Benches

The oak Pews and Chairs were furnished by the Sauder Co. of Elvria, Ohio.  The Wall Benches between the arches
provide additional built-in seating, without the need to bring folding chairs.  Such Wall Benches are a tradition
revived from the time of Christ.  All together, St. Lucy’s Church can seat about seven hundred people.