The Rose Window At The West



“Reconcile all to himself making peace

through the blood of his cross”

(Col 1:20)


The Rose Window At The West

1.  The Eye of God.

As we enter the church building, the large round window looks at us, as the “eye” of
God gazing with love into our hearts.

2.  The Victory of the Cross.

The blood red cross sings the victory of our Savior, Jesus — the victory he won to
vindicate us.  The cross soars high, ascended in the orb of the heavens shown in
three shades of blue.  And it remains with us, telling of his return at the end of time.

3.  Five Crosses.

A night, when the jewel colors have vanished in the twilight, a line of gold mosaic
is visible in the center of the cross.  Four smaller crosses in the quadrants form a
pattern called Crusaders’ Cross or Jerusalem Cross.

In meditating on this cross, we look into a mandala:
                — Christ is the larger cross.
                —The four smaller crosses recall the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.
In these books we are fortunate to be able to read the life and message of our Redeemer.

The Jerusalem Cross has also been used as sign of meditation on the Five Wounds of
Jesus on the cross: the central wound in His heart, the four wounds in His hands and

4 A Mark of the Holy Name.

The cross is rich in meanings.  In arithmetic, the plus sign is a cross, the multiplication
sign is a cross at an angle, like the letter x.   The cross (+) or (x) is often used as a signature
or a mark.  X means a name and “X” marks the spot.

The cross in a circle or crown is a prehistoric sign of wholeness.  At the heart of the cross,
the four points of the compass join, North and South, East and West, the whole world,
symbolizing “here”, a holy place.

The human body too marks a cross.  Head and feet form a vertical line.  The horizontal
line is drawn by right and left arms stretched out in the gesture of prayer.  At the center
is the heart of my personality, my conscience, my name, who I am.

I am.

In the earliest alphabet, the last letter was a cross or “mark”.  Our letter T is still a cross
(minus its top) called the “Tau” cross.  The cross is thus the mark or signature of the
Holy Name, the whole, the unique, the very center, the heart, the essence of our God who
reconciles all our opposites and makes them one in His supreme love.

The mark painted on the doorposts of the Hebrews on the eve of their escape from Pharaoh’s
slavery, was it not a cross, a “mark” painted with the blood of the Passover lamb?  A mark
showing that they belonged to His Name?

5.  The Life Blood.

In St. Lucy’s unique rose window at the west, the cross is made of deep “ruby” glass
symbolizing the blood, that is, the very life and work of Christ, by which we are
redeemed, — blood flowing from His sacred heart in love for us.  The flame-like
colors at the center of the cross remind us of the love of God, of His Spirit poured out
upon us at Pentecost.

6.  A Point of Meditation

The cross in the circle can be an endless theme of meditation.  Thoughts that are
significant in your own life will come to you as the luminous glass cross in the
“eye”, the rose window silently touches our heart and soul in new ways over the years.

As joys and sorrows come into your life, the cross of love remains constant to console
you, encourage you, reaffirm you and bring you light and joy.