Preparing for Lent


In the Garden

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Lent starts on March 6 with our Ash Wednesday services. Before beginning His ministry, Jesus went into the desert to pray. He didn’t eat or drink; He fasted and used the time to focus on His relationship with God. During the 40 days before Easter, known as Lent, we too are called to focus on our relationship with God. Catholics do three things to grow closer to God during Lent: pray, fast, and give alms to those in need. Prayer, fasting and almsgiving are the three pillars of Lenten spirituality.

PRAYER: We ask God for guidance on how to live our lives. We thank God for the gifts we’ve been given, and pray for those who have less than we do.

FASTING: Give something up to make more space for what’s truly important – our relationship with God and our neighbor. This helps us to recognize the difference between wants and needs.

ALMSGIVING: We give to those who have less than we do, we honor Jesus’ call to serve our neighbors, and we share the gifts we have received. How may our prayers, fasting and almsgiving support those worldwide, especially those who are forced to flee their homes for safety or better opportunities? By making use of CRS RICE BOWLS! We pray: God of all people, You are the source of every blessing. May we be mindful of your presence now and use these CRS Rice Bowls in prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. May they be instruments of encounter, bringing us closer to you, our God, and to our neighbors both near and far. May these days in the desert inspire us to bring hope to the most vulnerable – those experiencing hunger, lack of economic opportunity, and violence that force them to migrate. Through these 40 days, may we deepen our faith in you and our love for one another, as we prepare for the great celebration of Easter. Amen.

CRS RICE BOWLS are available in the Narthex for your 40 day Lenten journey! **Please mark your calendar for St. Lucy’s Parish Mission: Mon., March 25 and Tues., March 26. Details will follow.