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maryrightjustifiedLearning In Faith Experiences: a lifelong and on-going faith-formation process

Welcome to LIFE!

LIFE (Learning In Faith Experiences) is a lifelong Faith Formation opportunity open to every Parish member.  People of all ages come together to learn, grow in faith, and share common life and faith experiences in intergenerational and age-specific groupings.

In September of 2016 we enter into our 11th year. There’s certainly been a lot of excitement and enthusiasm over these Parish LIFE celebrations ~ here’s what a mother of two children (grades 4 and K) has shared about her experiences at LIFE: “We want to thank you for all that you and the LIFE team does!  We have enjoyed every LIFE get-together that we’ve attended.  Each has taught us something new and you and the group help make the sessions so fun!!!  These gatherings were special times dedicated to our spiritual growth with our children.  I only hope more parishioners catch on and see this for the blessing it is!  You help to make our faith so much fun.”  In the hopes that more Parishioners “catch on” to this blessing, let me share with you the theme for 2016-2017 LIFE year: “Sacraments…Transforming Everyday Life.” Please refer to the LIFE Brochure, which has been mailed to you, for a deeper description of this topic and the whole-Parish faith formation opportunity (which includes dates and times).  If you wish to register, you may do so by downloading the LIFE Registration Form or by picking it up in the back of the church and returning it to the Rectory once you have filled it out in its entirety.

For parents of students in Sacramental programs of First Reconciliation and First Eucharist, as well as Confirmation I or Confirmation II, there is a brochure available on the table in the back of the church – please make note of the following Orientation dates (also noted on the registration form):

Confirmation I and II 2016-2017:  Sunday, Sept. 18, 6:15pm parish center

First Reconciliation & First Eucharist 2016-2017: Tuesday, Oct.4, 6:30pm parish center

Questions and inquiries may come directly to me at the Rectory office (847-6153, ext. 201). I look forward to celebrating LIFE with you!!

In ministry with you,
LIFE Coordinator

Colette Savaria.

Registration Form 2016-17  to download/print   

LIFE Brochure 2016-17  to download/print  

First Reconciliation and First Eucharist Preparation Schedule  TBA


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