Holy Matrimony

interiorfontvertical Weddings at Saint Lucy’s Church

Set a date, as soon as possible, by contacting the rectory office.

Congratulations on your engagement!

In keeping with the diocesan guidelines set forth by the Bishop of Providence, the Marriage Preparation Program at Saint Lucy’s Parish involves the following stages of preparation for each couple:

1. Priest Interview with couple.

  • Set a date for the wedding and explain policies regarding weddings and music at Saint Lucy’s.
  • Explain the Marriage Preparation Course which is sponsored by our Diocese. Registration for this course must be done by the couple at least six (6) months to one year before the Marriage. The priest assisting you with your marriage will provide you with the Diocesan Marriage Preparation Course Booklet.
  • Marriage Preparation Classes (Must register through the Marriage Preparation Office) Sexuality Seminar (Part of the Marriage Preparation Class)

2. Planning the Liturgy

Meeting with the Priest for Pre-Marriage paperwork and preparation of readings and prayers for the Marriage Liturgy. This appointment should be arranged with the priest arranging your marriage after you have completed the Marriage Preparation Classes/Sexuality Seminar. This appointment should be scheduled at least eight weeks before the marriage.

3. Wedding Rehearsal

The time and date should be arranged with the rectory office on month previous to the actual date of the wedding. The marriage license and balance of offerings for the Church/Organist and Soloist must be brought to the rehearsal in addition to the “unity candle” and a copy of the wedding program (if either are being used at the wedding). Those involved in the Wedding Ceremony should be on time for the rehearsal. All rehearsals are normally held the day before the wedding.


After Marriage, couples who will live in the area are invited to register in Saint Lucy’s Parish. Keep in touch!!


Requirements for Weddings at Saint Lucy’s

  • Couples belonging to Saint Lucy’s Parish wishing to celebrate the Sacrament of Marriage should make arrangements with the parish priest at least one year before the date of their wedding. Weddings are held on Saturday no later than 2:30p.m. Sunday weddings are only scheduled during the afternoon timeframe. Couples are also required to participate in the Diocesan Marriage Preparation Program.
  • Normally, the parish church of the bride is the location of the Wedding. Weddings may also be celebrated in the parish church of the groom.
  • The bride or groom must be a registered and contributing member of Saint Lucy’s Parish. It is expected that they will attend Mass regularly as they prepare for this sacred occasion. CLICK HERE  Census Card
  • Certificates of Baptism, First Communion and Confirmation are required of all Catholics and must be obtained from the Church where they were administered. These documents should be obtained within six months of your wedding date. For non-Catholics, both a birth and Baptismal certificate (when Baptism has occurred) should be presented.
  • Non-Parishioner weddings are accepted on the condition that the couple work with his/her home priest for all marriage preparation work.  The priest preparing the intended couple must complete the Marriage Preparation Packet and forward all materials to the Diocese of Providence’s Chancery Office for Diocese of Providence approval.  The Diocese of Providence will then forward fully-approved Marriage materials to St. Lucy’s Church on behalf of the couple and priest preparer.
  • CLICK HERE for Wedding Guidelines in PDF format.

Liturgical Preparation

  • Marriage Rite with a Mass. This is the form for two Catholics. Interfaith marriages may also have a Mass if the parties so desire, but it is not an obligation, since only the Catholic party may receive Communion. All Catholic members of the wedding party should receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) before the date of the rehearsal.
  • In the overall planning for weddings there is considerable expense involved such as clothing, rental of hall, reception, orchestra, flowers, limousine, etc. In view of this, the donation given to the Church is minimal.
  • It has been determined that an offering of $200.00 be given to Saint Lucy’s Church for the use of the Church to cover the necessary maintenance expenses.  For a Non-Parishioner the offering is $500.00. This offering is for the Church, not for the priest. An offering to the priest who arranges and conducts the marriage is not included in this fee, but is voluntary and optional for the couple.
  • Therefore the services of the organist and soloist are to be arranged directly by the bride and groom. (Separate guidelines regarding Wedding music are provided by the Church) All payments must be made the night of the Wedding Rehearsal.

CLICK HERE for Music Guidelines in PDF format.


  • All floral arrangements are restricted to the sanctuary area of the church. Bows, flowers or any other decorations may not be placed on any of the pews with floral tape; tacks or nails. Please remember that the flowers in the sanctuary are not only for the beauty of your wedding, but also for the beauty of God’s House. Flowers brought into Church for the sanctuary area must remain in the Church after the ceremony. Due to insurance concerns the use of a runner is not allowed in Church. The throwing of rice, confetti, or any other material in or around the church is prohibited.

Guidelines for Photography and Video for Weddings

In order to ensure that the dignity and reverence proper to the celebration of any liturgy in the Church be maintained, we are offering the following guidelines for any photography and/or videotaping in Saint Lucy’s Church for weddings or any other liturgical celebration.

All photographers and video tapers, amateur or professional, must follow these guidelines:

  1. They may set up and/or use their cameras (video) and microphones only from outside the sanctuary area. Photography/videotaping from inside the side sanctuary door is prohibited.
  2. No flood or spotlights may be used for cameras anywhere in the Church.
  3. No microphones shall be used anywhere in the Church except as described in #1 and #4. Microphones may not be taped or otherwise attached to kneelers, pews, walls, or any other part of the Church furniture or structure.
  4. In the choir loft, with the permission granted before the day of the wedding, both cameras and microphones may be used…but no special lightings. At no time should anyone speak with the organist/soloist while performing during the wedding.
  5. Photographers are not to wander around the Church during the ceremony or Mass.
  6. Before arrangements for photography and/ or videotaping are made, they should be discussed with the priest arranging the wedding.

The photographer should meet the priest on the day of the ceremony at least 10 minutes before it begins to receive any last minute instructions.

These guidelines are necessary to prevent annoying distractions and intrusions during the ceremony, and to maintain proper reverence and devotion during the liturgical celebration. We hope everyone will understand the need for these rules and accept and abide by them. Saint Lucy’s Church reserves the right to ask a photographer to cease taking pictures/video if he/she does not comply with these guidelines or is the cause of disturbance during a public act of Sacred Worship.